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Team discussionEvery step of the route from the manufacturing to the administration of medicines encompasses complex processes where errors can result in adverse reactions and even death. 

The prescribing, supply and administration of drugs is therefore a potentially risky undertaking. Any involvement in a therapeutic discipline with such high risks requires a deep clinical understanding of care procedures and workflows.

Our capabilities and success are the result of thousands of hours of investment, and dedication from a range of sources including industry advisors, clients and not least our employees. JAC has actively recruited individuals with clinical backgrounds in pharmacy and medicines management as well as those with NHS management experience to ensure our customer services team have a level of domain expertise for this niche clinical area that is second to none in the markets we serve.

Our development team has a proven ability to produce high quality products and services for medicines management as a result of both their own technical expertise and their long term experience in understanding the needs of this highly specialist clinical area gained through their combined 44 years spent developing the JAC system.

In addition to these, JAC’s senior management team alone brings over 75 years of experience in developing and managing clinical application solutions.

The result is a fully-integrated solution that connects pharmacists, doctors, nurses and service managers with real-time information and powerful electronic tools delivered as an integrated suite with a single database.

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