Committed to Clinical Safety

Maureen Little, Clinical Safety & Compliance Manager (CSCM) at JAC. Clinical safety is a hot topic in Health IT, one which is underpinned by the NHS Health and Social Care Information Centre’s (HSCIC) standards for supporting the manufacture and deployment of Health IT Systems. The latest set of standards were produced in 2013 to provide a simpler and more structured document for suppliers by separating the Clinical Risk Management (CRM) requirements from the other guidance material. As stated in Adrian Stavert-Dobson’s article, these standards – ISB 0129 and ISB 0160 – are a call for “suppliers of Health Information Systems and their implementing healthcare organisations to undertake CRM activities to… Read More

Introducing CMS for Chemotherapy Management


CMS is a multi-lingual, web-based solution for prescribing, scheduling and managing chemotherapy treatments. The system’s extensive functionality focuses on reducing errors, streamlining patient management and optimising efficiency.

CMS is suitable for all hospitals, including non-JAC customers, who provide oncology treatment services.

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Driving information collaboration

Clinical collaborationJAC has a long history of working with partner organisations and industry suppliers to ensure maximum interoperability with the JAC system.

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CIVAS & Cytotoxic medicines production module

Aseptic productionJAC are pleased to announce the availability of an integrated CIVAS module as optional functionality with v4.47 of our integrated Medicines Management solution.

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Meeting the needs of modern Pharmacy Management

Pharmacy technicianUsed by over 100 NHS Trusts and 200 hospitals and backed up with over 20 years of clinical pharmacy experience, JAC's medicines management solutions offer a proven and scalable solution for modern hospital pharmacy departments.

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Streamlining the handover from Acute to Primary Care

Handover of careJAC's medicines management solution allows the effective exchange of information between acute and community healthcare providers. Following an inpatient episode, a lack of clinical information or inconsistencies in the information provided to GPs can introduce clinical risk and lead to a discontinuity in patient care.

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End-to-end E-Prescribing & Medicines Administration (EPMA)

Clinical teamThe main aim of Electronic Prescribing and Medicines Administration (EPMA) systems is to improve patient safety by reducing prescribing and administration errors that could result in medication errors and adverse drug events.

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Integrated solutions for medicines management

Healthcae technologyWith ever increasing pressure to contain health costs and improve outcomes JAC's systems are designed to provide clinical and administrative support to prescribers, pharmacists and nurses throughout the medicines process.

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