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Document libraryOn this page you can find documents relating to JAC’s integrated solutions and other documents relevant to medicines management.

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document name (click to view) date format
EPMA at South West London and St. George’s Mental Health NHS Trust 2017 PDF
Bedford Embraces Paperless Chemotherapy Management 2017 PDF
Norway Launches Regional Cancer Care 2017 PDF
Peter Gill Meds management in the One Acute Network 2017 PDF
Imprivata Confirm ID for Clinical Workflows 2017 PDF
JAC Leicestershire Partnership Case Notes 2017 PDF
JAC Royal Cornwall Case Notes 2016 PDF
JAC Norfolk & Norwich Case Notes 2016 PDF
JAC HEPMA White Paper 2016 PDF
Paperless Medicines Management on the Isle of Wight 2016 PDF
JAC’s EPMA Installed Base 2016 PDF
Clinical Settings Using EPMA 2016 PDF
System Manager Training 2016 PDF
Homecare Module 2016 PDF
The #1 EPMA for Clinical Users 2016 PDF
Crystal Reports Distributor 2016 PDF
EPMA: The next step towards integrated medicines management 2016 PDF
Medicines Management Solution Overview 2016 PDF
Patient discharge: Streamlining the handover 2016 PDF
Targeting the four pressure points of medication errors in hospitals 2016 PDF
CIVAS & Cytotoxic production module 2016 PDF
Recommended Technical Environment for CMS 2014 PDF
CMS Functional Walkthrough 2014 PDF
Case Study: Ayr and Arran (Scottish Acute) 2013 PDF
Case Study: Chesterfield (English Acute) 2013 PDF
Case Study: Leicester Partners (Mental Health) 2013 PDF
Case Study: Doncaster (Multi-Site) 2013 PDF
Case Study: Winchester (EPMA Replacement) 2013 PDF
JAC and QIPP 2013 PDF
Escrow Protection 2008 PDF


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