Driving information collaboration

Clinical collaborationJAC has a long history of working with partner organisations and industry suppliers to ensure maximum interoperability with the JAC system.

Providing flexibility for our customers to work with other systems and adopt new technologies through operational interfaces to 3rd party systems is central to JAC’s support for the modernisation of healthcare delivery and management.

Information sharing

Robotic pharmacy automation

Rowa SpeedcaseJAC were the first pharmacy software supplier to develop an interface to a pharmacy-based dispensing robot. Today, more than 1 in 3 of our clients has at least one operational pharmacy robot interfaced with their JAC system.

JAC has already developed a number of robotic interfaces to a variety of vendors including:

  • ARX

  • Swisslog

  • Westfalia

  • Baxters

  • Robopharm

  • P@P

Ward-based automation

MDG cabinetJAC is actively involved in this new and exciting area of medicines management innovation. Not only is JAC in interfacing discussions with a number of suppliers of computerised medicines cabinets for use at ward/departmental level but has also signed an exclusive distribution agreement with MDG Medical for their range of ServeRx Medication cabinets.

For more information about ward-based automation and the ServeRx range visit the Automation section.


Finance graphs

The two types of interface that JAC offers are Accounts Payable and General Ledger.

Accounts payable

An accounts payable interface is a summary of invoices processed on the JAC system within a given time period. Typically JAC will generate a bespoke output file once a week to a destination on a hospital server. This file will be in a format specified by the customer to be loaded directly into the financial system.

General ledger

A general ledger interface is a summary of stock issues that have been made to budget holders within the organisation that JAC is in use. Each costing point will be attributed to a ledger code, and issues may be grouped together in a variety of ways to support the local reporting needs of any organisation. Once a month, a bespoke file will be generated to a destination on a hospital server.

JAC has already developed a number of financial interfaces to a variety of vendors, the latest of which is a standard solution to support Shared Business Services.


PAS recordsTo facilitate the recording of detailed patient medication histories, an interface to a PAS is a pre-requisite of the system. The preferred standard is HL7, although variants deployed via a batch flat-file are in place at some sites with special requirements. The interface provides a sub-set of the demographics held on the PAS, passed to JAC in a one way feed.

Where a site utilises any of the electronic prescribing modules, the basic demographic feed is enhanced to reflect admissions, pre-admissions, discharges and transfers within the hospital in real time.

GP discharge interface

GP reviewing discharge dataThe GP discharge interface allows an HL7 outbound message from JAC to be received by a 3rd party system. This allows the discharge prescription and letter to be electronically and immediately transferred to a patient’s GP, or to another community care provider, upon discharge from the hospital.

You can read more about discharge prescribing and summaries here.

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