Integrated solutions for medicines management

Healthcae technologyWith ever increasing pressure to contain health costs and improve outcomes JAC’s systems are designed to provide clinical and administrative support to prescribers, pharmacists and nurses throughout the medicines process.

From drug ordering, stock control, ward stock top-up including direct ward delivery, dispensing, labelling, aseptics, prescribing with clinical decision support and administering to patients, JAC provides comprehensive integrated facilities using the most up-to-date technology.

Cloop loop diagram

Understanding closed-loop systems

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The JAC complete solution for ePrescribing and Medicines Administration (EPMA) combined with Pharmacy Management includes integrated out-patient and discharge prescribing, decision support – providing warnings on allergies, drug-drug interactions and therapeutic duplicates – as well as bed-side medicines administration.

Medicines management is as central to the quality of healthcare as the medicines themselves. Properly implemented and used, medicines management can deliver significant benefits for clinical practise, financial management and medicines supply-chain management.

What does the JAC solution cover?

JAC solution offering

JAC solution model

JAC solution model

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