Introducing CMS for Chemotherapy Management


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CMS is a web-based solution for prescribing, scheduling and managing chemotherapy treatments. The system’s extensive functionality focuses on reducing errors, streamlining patient management and optimising efficiency.

CMS is suitable for all hospitals who provide oncology/haematology treatment services.

The most comprehensive functionality on the market

Protocol Authoring

  • Build and maintain a library of SACT treatment protocols with full version control, multiple sign-offs and full referencing.
  • Link relevant supportive medications to each treatment protocol.
  • Add decision points to protocols such as “proceed” rules and dose modification rules based on haematology and pathology results.

Electronic Prescribing

  • Prescribe SACT protocols based on diagnosis and intent to treat.
  • Loading and maintenance dose calculations based on BSA, weight, AUC and CrCl.
  • Dose-round and dose-band including rounding to the nearest tablet/capsule strength.
  • Ability to automatically perform dose adjustments based on clinical observations.
  • Clinical verification by pharmacist and nurse prior to release and administration of SACT.

Scheduling Logic

  • Support capacity planning for available chairs and beds.
  • Flexible scheduling for manufacture and administration with ability to adjust entire protocols or individual cycles and sub-cycles.
  • Generate real-time worklists based on protocol scheduling.

Aseptic Dispensing

  • Produce fully GMP compliant worksheets and labels.
  • Support named-patient dispensing, campaign manufacturing as well as batch production.
  • Create patient-specific barcodes on final product.

Drug Administration

  • Record all administration routes of SACT and supportive care medications.
  • Record administration of complex IV SACT in real-time.
  • Record monitoring associated with administration.

CMS for the NHS

We invited customers from four large Trusts to a four-hour system demo. Follow-ups were done immediately after the demo to obtain feedback on: overall impressions; whether it would meet the needs of oncology/haematology services; and the features and benefits.

“This is a comprehensive product which ticks all the boxes in terms of functionality.”

“Patient safety was a clear design factor.“

“The product would meet [our] needs.”

NHS doctors“Very positive feeling regarding the product.”

“The system seemed extremely customisable and flexible.”

“The product offers substantial benefits over the status quo.”

Notable benefits mentioned:

“[The] functionality would be welcomed; particularly the news-feed on the patient, the dashboard-style views of work lists.”

“The product is undoubtedly ahead in terms of functionality; prescribing aspects are more advanced and it is possible to record administrations.”

“Drug dosing adjustment based on pathology data; ability to link drugs within cycles and treatments; and protocol branching. In addition, the ability to have loading doses within cycles is very advantageous.”

”Multiple patient measures for dose calculation; the ease of reporting (particularly compliance with the National Data Set requirements).”

“Version control, workflow improvements, cost savings (through waste reduction), safety benefits (through suggested dose adjustment based on pathology results), and formulary compliance benefits.”

“Scheduling functionality, low system management overhead and information governance features.”

CMS for drug trials:

CMS has been evaluated against the NHS Cancer Services electronic prescribing system functional specifications* – including for use in clinical trials.

  • Supports protocol allocation randomisation and records the trial numbers, timing and tracking of specific tests and investigations.
  • Supports complex treatment programmes such as block sequential or alternating regimens and the potential allocation of additional chemotherapy at conditional branch points according to whether predefined criteria have been met.
  • Clinical trial patients and regimens/protocols are flagged within the system and always indicated to all users.
  • Meets all legal requirements for prescribing and supply (including for controlled drugs and unlicensed medications).
  • GAMP5Non-standard drugs in the stock management facility (e.g. new drugs, non-formulary, compassionate/unlicensed or clinical trials drugs etc.) can be included in trial regimens.


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