One leader, one specialist, one solution

One:MedicinesPlatform is a digital software suite that manages the end-to-end hospital pharmacy and prescribing environment with optional links to homecare and community facilities. Each module, designed by pharmacists, clinicians and technology experts, provides rich functionality with an integrated database and interfaces with PAS, EPR and other systems for a holistic view across all medicines management touchpoints. The result is a best-in-industry solution that dramatically reduces errors and ensures best practice clinical outcomes while optimising operational efficiency and financial sustainability.


Digital maturity

For any hospital, timely and accurate access to integrated patient information is the major driver behind digital transformation. But to achieve an integrated paperless dataflow, systems must be interoperable. In this, given its leadership role in defining industry standard interoperability protocols, JAC is ahead of the curve. The One:MedicinesPlatform is interoperable and with a single shared database, provides an end-to-end electronic environment that gives medicines management customers a well-trodden route to digital maturity.

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Featured Case study

St. Helens & Knowsley Chooses JAC’s New Web EPMA for Patient Safety & Digital Maturity

In April 2017 St. Helens & Knowsley Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust’s inpatient’s facility, Whiston Hospital, went live with JAC’s new we…