Technology Partners

JAC has a long history of working with top NHS decision making bodies, retail pharmacies and leading solution suppliers to ensure its medicines management solutions offer maximum interoperability and extends the platform’s flexibility and functionality of the platform. Interfaces with pioneering IT specialists also means the JAC platform is constantly adapting to the needs of digital transformational within healthcare. One of the most important of these is data sharing across wards, hospital sites and the community through links with PAS and EPR partners like Cerner, Orion, IMS Maxims, InterSystems and System C, to reduce patient errors and improve operational and financial efficiency.

Among the wide range of third party applications available on the JAC platform are automated pharmacy, electronic stock ordering and invoicing, finance management, prescription tracking, business intelligence reports, clinical decision support, Admissions, Discharge & Transfer (ADT) – including to GPs, hospital & community patient data sharing and single authenticated system login.


IT Partners that support JAC EPMA include a wide range of key applications including data sharing, decision support, patient administration, clinical and management reports and admission & discharge transfer (ADT). These partners include Cerner, Orion, IMS Maxims, InterSystems, System C, SEMA Helix, Crystal Reports and many more.

Local and regional interoperability

JAC one of only two accredited e-prescribing solutions in Scotland, also partners with NH Scotland’s SCI Gateway – a national system that integrates primary and secondary care systems using familiar yet highly secure Internet technology. This partnership enables EMPA prescription data to be shared between the hospital and the GP.

Clinical decision support

JAC EPMA provides links to FDB Multilex, the industry’s most rigorous drug knowledge system for clinical decision support and EPRs, to identify and send alerts on patient allergies and potential drug hazards. JAC also works with Baxter ICNet ‘s ABX Alert for antimicrobial stewardship and Infection prevention, generating reports on identifying trends in organism resistance, drug utilization, infection rates, quality measures, and other critical issues across multiple sites.

Admission & discharge transfer

On patient admission, JAC EMPA interfaces with the hospital PAS to access their medication histories, demographics and other key information. The system also links with ADT systems such as Sunquest ICE and Docman to capture discharge information from clinical, pharmacy and ward staff and to compile electronic discharge summary letters which can then be forwarded via HL7 to a patient’s GP’s Practice Systems (and/or other community facility) within 24 hours.

Other JAC EPMA application partners include:

IntelliFront BI™ is a Business Intelligence tool for on-demand real-time information and report scheduling including self-service SSRS & Crystal reports.

Imprivata’s Confirm ID™, a single sign-on authentication platform that works with JAC’s EPMA to provide visibility into all user interactions with patient records, hospital financial data and other sensitive information.

TMS Insight is a barcode tracking system for the prescription workflow, providing live pharmacy performance data and the status and location of each prescription to ensure that no stages are missed; with resulting data available for report generation.

Mint Medeye is a scanning device for identifying pills and tablets to verify the five ‘rights’, including right medicine and right dose, thus closing the prescribing loop.


JAC Chemotherapy Management System (CMS) is able to integrate with PAS, EPR and other hospital systems including Pathology and Blood bank to optimise all aspects of chemotherapy medicines management within the oncology department.


Ward-based pharmacy automation

JAC Pharmacy interfaces with leading pharmacy automation providers to output prescription data to medicines stock and dispensing cabinets which retrieve and label drugs, then to input stock replenishment lists back into the system. Robot and cabinet partners (and those in discussion) include Omincell, BD, Mediwell, Willach, swisslog (Technilab), Robopharm, Westfalia ARX. JAC also has an exclusive distribution agreement with MDG Medical for their range of ServeRx medicines cabinets.

financial management

JAC has already developed relationships with financial vendors like GHX Powergate and AAH Medecator for e-trading and document services that include automated drug ordering and electronic invoice receipt. All EDI (electronic data interchange) data from these transactions is captured by JAC Pharmacy and can be shared with hospital Accounts Payable and General Ledger systems including SBS (Shared Business Services), Capita Integra and E-Financials.

The accounts payable interface is a summary of invoices processed on the JAC system and output (typically once a week) in a specified format to the Trust financial system. Among other tasks, the General ledger interface issues stock issue summaries with ledger-coded costing points, custom-grouped according to local needs, and sent monthly (and/or other designated periods) from JAC Pharmacy to the hospital server. By eliminating manual order/invoice reconciliation and double entry, inventory control and accounts management is thus made both simpler and faster.

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