Executive summary

Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust has successfully implemented JAC’s Pharmacy Stock Control System, replacing its current EDS pharmacy management solution. The Trust is the principal provider of acute care services in the county of Cornwall and serves a population of over 450,000 people. Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust chose to replace its previous EDS system with JAC’s pharmacy stock control system for its enhanced reporting flexibility, advanced functionality, and ease of use.

JAC is the UK’s largest provider of integrated pharmacy stock control systems and has over 30 years’ experience in the industry. The pharmacy stock control system is a single scalable solution that allows the processing of pharmacy work to take place on the ward and integrates with existing systems, interfacing with the patient administration system and finance systems to enable real-time reporting on the purchasing and dispensing of medication


Royal Cornwall Hospital chose to replace its EDS system with JAC’s pharmacy stock control system as it recognised the improved usability of JAC’s pharmacy stock control. The Trust was also looking for a solution with a forward support model and a future development path. They found it quicker to train staff and more intuitive than their previous system.


“The Trust has noticed a big difference since replacing the EDS system with JAC’s pharmacy stock control system. Dispensers have been particularly positive about the changes it has made to Patient Medication Records. Previously, dispensers couldn’t view dispensed medication until a report had been generated. The JAC system enables instantaneous feedback to ensure dispensers can see exactly what medication has been issued to each patient, saving time and inconvenience for both patients and dispensers.”

Alison Hill, Head of Supply Services 

In addition, the JAC system enables medicines to be redispensed from previous dispensary records. This is particularly important for patients who may be on 7-day repeats, for example those with mental health issues, and saves time on repeating medication requests for the same medication.

RCH are also using the JAC system to provide Medicines Reconciliation, which uses the medicines management features of JAC to record patient’s medication and then uses a redesigned MAC report to generate a medicines reconciliation sheet. This ensures that staff have an extensive report on how many MRs are done and can then monitor this in relation to the time it has taken to be completed.

The Trust is now planning to migrate the implementation to a virtual server environment and looking to upgrade to version 5.0 JAC following which they will begin the implementation of eprescribing throughout the Trust.