In January 2013, the Secretary of State for Health Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt set the challenge for the NHS to “go ‘paperless’ by 2018, to save billions, improve services and help meet the challenges of an ageing population.”

In March last year, techUK (formerly known as Intellect) published its response to the Government’s announcement to become paperless by 2018, including the three underpinning principles they identified as key to its success; capturing, sharing and using information digitally.

A year on, techUK have reviewed the progress that has been made by Government and the NHS; highlighting areas of success, but also challenges that still need to be addressed in order to meet the targets set for 2015 and 2018. techUK has also provided recommendations for how the agenda can move forward and deliver a truly paperless NHS for users, buyers and suppliers of health and social care solutions and services.

techUK report

PricewaterhouseCoopers’ report