Chemotherapy is one of the most drug-intensive areas of healthcare. It is especially reliant on accurate and efficient medicines management. Designed by oncology practitioners, JAC's web-based One:MedicinesCMS is a pharmacy, scheduling and management solution with the most comprehensive functionality on the market.

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Chemotherapy Management System

From prescribing and in-pharmacy production to aseptic dispensing and drugs administering, CMS is focused on accuracy and safety. Dose calculations based on BSA, weight, AUC and CrCl, dose adjustments can be made by clinicians at the bedside and SACT protocols (based on diagnosis and intent to treat) can be verified by pharmacists and nurses prior to release and administration.

Featuring its own integrated patient record, CMS can also interface with PAS and other systems to provide at-a-glance visibility of patient treatments, prescription charts, dose calculations and blood results from a single screen, with patient histories a keystroke away. Smart scheduling and capacity planning reduces treatment interruptions and appointment delays and enhanced safety features include dose-banding prompts and other decision-support tools that encourage best practice and end-to-end traceability.

Already in production in 13 leading cancer hospitals across Europe, including a region-wide implementation in Norway and a growing list of customers in the UK, OneMedicines:CMS’s extreme flexibility enables systems to adapt to existing methodologies and to be easily deployable customised requirements (including SACT reporting) regardless of country, region or language, whether or not they are existing JAC sites.

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Third party modules

JAC has a long history of working with top NHS decision making bodies, retail pharmacies and leading solution suppliers to ensure its medicines management solutions offer maximum interoperability and extends the platform’s flexibility and functionality of the platform. Among the wide range of third party applications available on the JAC platform are automated pharmacy, electronic stock ordering and invoicing, finance management, prescription tracking, business intelligence reports, clinical decision support, Admissions, Discharge & Transfer (ADT) – including to GPs, hospital & community patient data sharing and single authenticated system login.