JAC’s web-based One:MedicinesEPMA is a major advance in patient safety that is powerful, quickly deployed and easily integrated with other systems. EPMA delivers a Trust-wide electronic prescribing and medicines administration environment with outreach to outpatients in their home, in hospices, mental health clinics, GP surgeries and more.

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E-prescribing & Medicines Administration

Trusts with One:MedicinesEPMA report dramatic reductions in drug errors that result from poor handwriting, manual chart transcription and misplaced paper files; and paperless prescribing means orders are received at the dispensary with none going astray.  Alerts flag up intolerances, exceptions and medication lapses while best-practice defaults for medicines and dosages require prescribers to justify non-standard overrides. Integrated data capture provides an updated view of any dosage or regime alterations and enables the real-time generation of clinical audits and customised reports. And there is no need to rekey prescription data at discharge; it is available from download straight from the system.

To encourage user adoption, One:MedicinesEPMA replicates the paper-based environment users are already familiar with. Unlike many other systems, JAC enables the complete drug chart to be viewed on a single screen, complete with the latest lab results and drug schedules, with patient histories accessible at a keystroke. Following JAC’s lengthy study of how users navigate the EPMA system, its latest web browser interface takes intuitive usability to the next level. Training takes minutes and enables clinicians and pharmacists to quickly discover the many features that make their lives easier while improving the patient experience.

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Third party modules

JAC has a long history of working with top NHS decision making bodies, retail pharmacies and leading solution suppliers to ensure its medicines management solutions offer maximum interoperability and extends the platform’s flexibility and functionality of the platform. Among the wide range of third party applications available on the JAC platform are automated pharmacy, electronic stock ordering and invoicing, finance management, prescription tracking, business intelligence reports, clinical decision support, Admissions, Discharge & Transfer (ADT) – including to GPs, hospital & community patient data sharing and single authenticated system login.