The first JAC pharmacy management system was installed in the UK over 35 years ago. Since then it has gone on to become the NHS industry standard, with a proven track record of success, long-term customer loyalty, domain expertise and a commitment to product evolution.

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Pharmacy Management System

Designed in collaboration with clinical pharmacists, technicians and clinician users, the system provides a unique combination of advanced functionality with ease of use. One of the most popular features of the system is its Stock Control capability which enables hospital pharmacies to monitor stock levels and expiry dates thus minimising wastage and ensuring availability and drug accountability. Other integrated components include Dispensing, Order & Delivery Processing, Invoice and Credit Handling, Aseptic Production, Ward Stock Reporting, Manufacturing & Trading, Robotics Integration, Discharge Letters & TTAs and Accounting.

Together they constitute a complete pharmacy practice environment and with all data captured and integrated in real-time, daily drug cost reports (by speciality, exemptions etc.), financial reconciliation and other types of management reports can be generated in hours rather than weeks as required with other systems.

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Third party modules

JAC has a long history of working with top NHS decision making bodies, retail pharmacies and leading solution suppliers to ensure its medicines management solutions offer maximum interoperability and extends the platform’s flexibility and functionality of the platform. Among the wide range of third party applications available on the JAC platform are automated pharmacy, electronic stock ordering and invoicing, finance management, prescription tracking, business intelligence reports, clinical decision support, Admissions, Discharge & Transfer (ADT) – including to GPs, hospital & community patient data sharing and single authenticated system login.