International User Conference Trailer
Should you attend our biggest event of the year? Who better to tell you more than your peers, our customers. With appearances from Rob Blay (CEO) and Steve Reggione (Head of Operations).

CMS – Regional system for medical cancer treatment
Dr Arne Westgaard (Oncologist) and Rasmus Bäckström (Chief Oncology Pharmacist) speaking at JAC User Conference 2018 about Norway’s South Eastern Regional Implementation of Chemotherapy ePrescribing and Aseptic Production.
To see the slides from this presentation, please click here.

CMS Therapy Protocol 2018
How to create a therapy protocol in CMS (Chemotherapy ePrescribing and Aseptic Production Software).

EPMA & the use of data to support service improvement
Iain Davidson, Chief Pharmacist & CCIO at Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust, talks about Electronic Prescribing & Medicines Administration and the use of data to support service improvement.

HETT Conference 2016: Using EPMA to Deliver Service Improvement
Chief Pharmacist and CCIO at the Royal Cornwall NHS Trust, Iain Davidson, talks about how Royal Cornwall is using data within the EPMA system to drive service improvement through facilitating new ways of working, improving patient safety and informing service and pathway reviews.

Evidence based design for JAC next generation
Pharmacist and Software specialist, Ethan Richardson, discusses the use of evidence-based design and the approach he took when developing JAC’s next generation solution.

BBC News: Automated medicines supply at the Isle of Wight NHS Trust
This short clip shows medicines supply happening seamlessly from prescribing, through the dispensary, to the bed side. The process uses robotic automation technologies being underpinned and controlled by JAC’s end-to-end medicines management platform.

EPMA for Mental Health at Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust
Andrew Moonesinghe (EPMA Services Manager) and Anthony Oxley (Director of Pharmacy Services) talk about using EPMA to support a paper-lite and mobile Mental Health Service.

JAC’s EPMA Delivers ROI for the Tech Fund at Norfolk & Norwich
Prof Carol Farrow (Clinical Director of Pharmacy Services) and James Hipperson (EPMA Pharmacist) at Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust talk about the Trust’s successful application to the Safer Hospitals, Safer Wards Technology Fund and the benefits the project has realised.

Embedding Clinical Safety in Medicines Management
JAC’s Clinical Safety Manager, Maureen Little discusses the importance for medicines systems to be seamless from end-to-end, integrating EPMA and Pharmacy to mitigate risks and how clinical decision support contributes to safety.

The Power of the Data – JAC’s EPMA at Royal Cornwall
Iain Davidson, Chief Pharmacist at Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust, talks about partnering with JAC and how they use the data held in JAC’s EPMA to help the Trust reduce missed doses, improve antibiotic use, stewardship and deliver best-practise.